Amy Elisabeth Olson; wolf (issue no. 11)

Anastasia Chew; Untitled (issue no. 16)

Andrew Chmielowiec; ghostly (issue no. 14)

Andrew J. Stone; Black Cloud Snapshots (issue no. 8)

Alex Brown; Scopers (issue no. 1)

Alicia A. Curtis; Clarification (issue no. 15)

Ali Znaidi; Australian Horoscope (issue no. 15)

Amber Decker; Natalie (issue no. 15)

Amit Parmessur; reproaches from the dead (issue no. 5)

Anne Butler; The Unpredicted (issue no. 15)

Annie Neugebauer; Dragging the Waters (issue no. 7)

Anthony Jones; stockton, california (issue no. 4)

Ben John Smith; Preserve the Lies (issue no. 4)

Bill Gainer; Revenge of the Pumpkins (issue no. 1)

Brad Liening; My Greatest Fear (issue no. 11)

Caroline Misner; Mad Mother's Lullaby (issue no. 10)

Catfish McDaris; The Stevedore (issue no. 5)

Catherine Owen; Another Creation Myth (issue no. 14)

Chad Redden; The Slumbering Chair (issue no. 8)

Changming Yuan; Getting Lost (issue no. 17)

Cheri Anne; Darker Days (issue no. 16)

Chris Kobylinsky; To an Abandoned Cornfield (issue no. 14)

Christy Effinger; Abandoned (issue no. 14)

Claire Huxham; A Ghost About Town (issue no. 5)

C. M. Humphries; The Country at Night (issue no. 15)

Cynthia Linville; Sunny's Too Tavern (issue no. 3); The Last Time (issue no. 13); This Poem Is Not About You: A Post-Break-Up Spell (issue no. 17)

Daniel Romo; Stillborn (issue no. 7)

Daniel Shapiro; The Lime-Green Smear (issue no. 15)

David Mclean; Since the children (issue no. 1)

David Russomano; Unidentified (issue no. 13)

David Tomaloff; silent, we- (issue no. 2); LOUP GAROU I-III {a suite} (issue no. 10)

Dawn Schout; Ribcage (issue no. 9)

Denny E. Marshall; Breaking News (Version #1) (issue no. 12)

Donal Mahoney; Father, Again, Peering (issue no. 2); It's All in the Wrists, Said Ted Bundy (issue no. 4); PTSD (issue no. 6)

Doreen O'Brien; The Alien Invasion Tapes, #87 (issue no. 9)

Drea Jane Kato; Voraginous Wounds (issue no. 10)

D. S. Jones; Girl on the Highway (issue no. 15)

Eamonn Lorigan; Maura (issue no. 9)

Ed Makowski; Dave's Con-Trails (issue no. 4)

Elena Riley; letter when is for wednesday; or how to count (issue no. 5)

Emily O'Neill; Wane (issue no. 6)

Emily Rose Cole; burned alive (issue no. 17)

Emory Bell; Subject: Flying Saucers, Information Concerning (issue no. 16)

Eric Roalson; Reading with Miranda (issue no. 17)

Erin Croy; The Small Death (issue no. 9)

Faryn Black; Unfathomable (issue no. 12)

Febe Moss; It was really hot yesterday (issue no. 7)

Felipe Rivera; The Teeth of Wraiths (issue no. 1); Broken at the waist (issue no. 3)

F. J. Bergmann; You Are My Sunshine (issue no. 11)

Franklin Murdock; Mechinopolis (issue no. 7)

Gale Acuff; Womanslaughter (issue no. 11)

Georgie Delgado; slither. (issue no. 11)

Glenn Cooper; Sonnet: Connected to Each Other (issue no. 7)

Gus Iversen; The Least Musical Skeletons (issue no. 14)

Harry Calhoun; On a clear night you can see for never (issue no. 1); Since my father died (issue no. 3); Instant religion (issue no. 7); Her, gone, 3 a.m. (issue no. 10); Bite (issue no. 13)

Helen Vitoria; lost dialog (issue no. 4)

Hillary Lyon; It's hard to have conversations (issue no. 16)

Holly Day; Mermaids (issue no. 11); The Park (issue no. 17)

Howie Good; Swirl (issue no. 1); Eternal Recurrence of the Same (issue no. 5); Night at the Sick Hotel (issue no. 8)

Jack Hodil; Scarrings (issue no. 10)

Jackson Burgess; Flightless Bird (issue no. 17)

James Dowell; dream house (issue no. 12)

Janann Dawkins; Tarot Reading, 1/8/03 (issue no. 2)

Jane Røken; A quiet evening in the debriefing shed (issue no. 2); It happens all the time (issue no. 7); All-Hallows Carnival Villanelle (issue no. 12)

Jason Brightwell; Asleep (issue no. 2)

Jay Coral; The Memory of Light (issue no. 6)

Jean Brasseur; Mermaid Dust (issue no. 12)

Jeanie Tomasko; Family Recipe (issue no. 12); Birdcraft (issue no. 16)

Jennifer Lobaugh; rêve à la gauche (issue no. 10)

Jennifer Phillips; Astronomical Rabbit (issue no. 3)

Jim Bronyaur; The Worm (issue no. 2)

Jim Davis; Artemis: Diana, Again (issue no. 14)

Joan McNerney; Shhhhh... (issue no. 6)

John Grey; Graveyard Nights (issue no. 4); Sarah's inside Sarah (issue no. 10); Witch Wind (issue no. 15)

John Joe Luftus; Trespasser (issue no. 13)

John Swain; Hibiscus Tea (issue no. 4)

Joseph M. Gant; Discovered (issue no. 3)

Joshua Otto; Demi (issue no. 6); Skits (issue no. 8)

Jude Cowan; Very cold day (issue no. 17) 

Kara Synhorst; The Voodoo of Reverse (issue no. 16)

Kate Frank; Un-interpreted Dream (4) (issue no. 9)

Kevin Heaton; Seven Stones (issue no. 5)

Kevin Ridgeway; Palm Star (issue no. 12)

Khalym Kari Burke-Thomas; after death (issue no. 6)

Kimberly Casey; Pray for Stronger Locks (issue no. 7); Arkansas (issue no. 9)

Kirby Wright; Poem for a Poet (issue no. 10)

KJ; valentine on a postcard (issue no. 12)

Kyla Cheung; Untitled (issue no. 16)

Kyle Hemmings; Charlie Manson (issue no. 5)

Laura Hardy; My hands were cold the day I learned how to tell time (issue no. 1); The Pornographer's Daughter (issue no. 4)

Laura Grodin; There Are Folds in this Television (issue no. 17)

Laura LeHew; Sleeping with Demons (issue no. 1); To Beckon a Perfect Lover (issue no. 3)

Lauren D.M. Smith; Gathering (issue no. 10)

Lawrence Gladeview; Lathe Sick (issue no. 2)

Lee Gillespie; Like love (issue no. 13)

Levi Gribbon; Ghosts Don't Bleed, Period. (issue no. 8)

Linda Crate; ghost's reflection (issue no. 15

Lisa Marie Basile; The devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (issue no. 12)

Lisa McCool-Grime; Phrenology (issue no. 6)

Lisa M. Litrenta; On discovering your father's new wife is an evil stepmother (issue no. 16)

Lucia Olga Ahrensdorf; electric aliens (issue no. 14)

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal; The Anger Tree (issue no. 3); Seducing the Stars (issue no. 8)

Maggie Armstrong; Hallowe'en (issue no. 1)

Margaret Emma Brandl; Hiroshima (issue no. 8)

Margaret Mary; Unholy Night (issue no. 12)

Matt Ryan; Octopus (issue no. 5)

Matthew Byrne; My Greatest Accomplishment (issue no. 9)

Matthew Harrison; Blob (issue no. 8)

Matthew Specht; morning talk show, gentrified. (issue no. 5)

Meaghan Ford; The Black (issue no. 9)

Megan Kennedy; We Are All Haunted (issue no. 4)

Melanie Browne; The Farsighted Bandit (issue no. 1); Marilyn and Joe (issue no. 5); Pushed off the blues train (issue no. 8); Rituals #1 (issue no. 12)

Melissa Bobe; softly as they leave us (issue no. 13)

Meredith Weiers; Grief Season (issue no. 14)

Michael Andrew; Red Water (issue no. 11); Untitled (issue no. 13)

Michael Bagwell; The Exodus (issue no. 8)

Michael Dwayne Smith; Love Smashed Us (issue no. 14)

Michael Frissore; The Last Alien Abduction (issue no. 2)

Michael Grover; For An Unborn Child (issue no. 1)

Michael Kriesel; Possessing What Possesses Me (issue no. 15)

Mike Meraz; Ed Gein (issue no. 2)

Molly Hamilton; How to Manipulate People: A Legal Slave (issue no. 17)

Mora Toress; Thought 453 (issue no. 17)

Morgan Adams; Tender (issue no. 16)

Nancy Flynn; Under the Yoke of Inauspicious Stars (issue no. 6); The Night I Realized I'd Long Ago Lost My Son (issue no. 10)

Natalie Angelone; Death of a Slinky (issue no. 6)

Nathan Lipps; Dear Student, because you are dead (issue no. 6); Finally, having stopped at a diner, I am able to think. (issue no. 17)

Nathan Logan; Francesca, I Had An Affair (issue no. 3)

Nathan Savin Scott; Horror (issue no. 7)

Nazifa Islam; see stitches (issue no. 10)

Neil Ellman; Autumn Cannibalism (issue no. 6)

Neil Weston; The Bone Man (issue no. 17)

Nic Alea; the chariot (the victor) (issue no. 2)

Nicole Tayler; Stolen Heart (issue no. 15)

P.A. Levy; Death of a Love Poem (issue no. 2)

Paul Hellweg; Ghost Tears (issue no. 9)

Paul McQuade; Double-Feature (issue no. 7)

Peter Marra; dreaming dogs (issue no. 12)

Peter Schwartz; limbo (issue no. 3)

Peter Tayler; This is Stephen (issue no. 8)

Rachel Marsom-Richmond; Severed Body, Perfect Hair (issue no. 12)

RD Kimball; Knitting A Ghost-Thing: (issue no. 5)

Richard Cody; Haunted (issue no. 13)

Richard Peabody; Girls with Antlers (issue no. 14)

Richard Peake; Ghostly Ka-nunnah (issue no. 2)

Rick Bailey; Getting up to meet yourself coming down (issue no. 11)

Ricky Davis; Everything's the Devil (issue no. 14)

Robert E. Petras; The Fifth Season (issue no. 13); Trophies (issue no. 16)

Robert McDonald; At the Edge of a Séance (issue no. 5); Dear November, (issue no. 9)

Robert Vaughan; Fragments (issue no. 7)

Ron Koppelberger; Voodoo Dream (issue no. 4)

Roxanne Broda-Blake; Euripides (issue no. 3)

Roy Bentley; My Dream That We Are Spirits (issue no. 16)

Ruby Darling; The Monster says: (issue no. 2)

Sam Downum; The Rush of Silence (issue no. 13)

Sarah J. Sloat; Smashed Ghazal (issue no. 9)

Scryer Veratos; Cyan Graveyard (issue no. 3)

Seth Jani; The Double (issue no. 15)

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick; Star-bellows on the train blow their horns (issue no. 3)

Sharon Lask Munson; Haunted Still (issue no. 15)

Sheila Hassell Hughes; Sleeping Like a Widow (issue no. 13)

Simon Jacobs; A Series of Short Poems About the Chinese Invasion (1952) (issue no. 11)

Simon Perchik; * (issue no. 10)

Stephen Bunch; Aliens (issue no. 17)

Steve Castro; The blue whale phenomenon (issue no. 8)

Steve Subrizi; After the Spawning (issue no. 4)

Steve Toase; Red Within (issue no. 6)

Susie Swanton; Ufology (issue no. 9)

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming; The girl whose face is in faux porcelain bowls (issue no. 11)

Tannen Dell; The End, Twenty Ten (issue no. 4)

Tanuj Solanki; Suicide in a Palace (issue no. 3)

Taylor Graham; Bridesmaid, Radiology (issue no. 1); At Water's Edge (issue no. 4)

Tess Joyce; In Indonesian, ceiling translates as Sky Sky (issue no. 14)

Tess Pfeifle; Come here sweetie (issue no. 12)

Theodosia Henney; Doppelganger of a Dead Boy (issue no. 16)

Thomas Piekarski; Winter Solstice 2010 (issue no. 11)

Tyler Burdwood; Dog Thoughts: (issue no. 16

Ty Russell; When you feel fear (issue no. 7)

Vanessa Young; Absence (issue no. 11)

Vivian Bird; Beading a dead horse (issue no. 13)

Walter Bjorkman; Two magpies (issue no. 11)

Walter Conley; underspace (issue no. 5); the birds (issue no. 8)

Walt Garner; Nightmare radio report (issue no. 10)

Wendy Willis; Seven Ways to Conjure the Luck of a Saltwater Sturgeon (issue no. 7)

Wesley Dylan Gray; Another Light (issue no. 9)

William C. Blome; Things oral (issue no. 14)

William Doreski; Satanic Relics (issue no. 1)

William Page; El Chupacabra (issue no. 6)