Seven Ways to Conjure the Luck of a Saltwater Sturgeon

by Wendy Willis


1.  We are obliged 
to seek forgiveness 
from darkling ghosts
for the backwaters 
of what we thought 
we thought.  2. A road pitted 
with milkweed 
and vinca surely ends
in an opaque city,
 a squared-off mayor 
& missus can you spare some change?  
3. Four white feet 
are unlucky 
on a racing pony.  
Never bet 
on a gray.  4.  Warning:  
A late beer 
in a father’s hand 
can only turn out 
badly.  5.  You can’t warm 
to the title widow 
without kissing 
its round-O mouth
and carrying home 
a scrap-purse of stones.   
6. Press slow 
the milk-sotted morning 
for fear of sparrows
and slant-dreams.
7.  Set the hook 
& spit on the worm 
for luck.