Alex Brown was raised in the southern U.S. but graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Behavioral Science. He now lives in Sweden where he is re-awakening his admiration of the written word. He uses writing as a way to make his ideas and the subconscious of his dreams become more accessible. You can follow him on his blog at (He also confessed that he loved Animal Collective and all it's reincarnations. I'm pretty sure that would qualify Alex Brown as a hipster, but I don't want to get sued for libel.)

Bill Gainer has contributed to the literary scene as a writer, editor, promoter, publicist, publisher and poet.  He continues to read and work with a wide range of poets and writers, including readings on KUSF radio, S.F. with Punk-Rocker Patti Smith and performances with California Poet Laureate, Al Young. Gainer is nationally published and remains a sought after reader, preview him at

David McLean is Welsh but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives there on an island in a large lake called Mälaren, very near to Stockholm, with woman, cats, and a couple of large black and tan dogs. He is an atheist, an anarchist and generally disgusting. He has a BA in History from Balliol, Oxford, and an MA in philosophy, taken much later and much more seriously studied for, from Stockholm. Up to date details of well over a thousand poems in various zines over the last three years or so and several available books and chapbooks, including three print full lengths, a few print chapbooks, and a free electronic chapbook, are at his blog at

Felipe Rivera is co-founder and editor for the La Ventana political journal and its literary supplement, El analfabeto. He has been published in Cipactli, the San Francisco State University Latino art and literature journal, the oldest and longest-lasting of its kind in the United States. 

Harry Calhoun’s articles, literary essays and poems have appeared in magazines including Writer’s Digest and The National Enquirer. Check out his online chapbook Dogwalking Poems and his trade paperback, I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf. This year, his poems were published in the book The Black Dog and the Road and his chapbooks, Something Real and Near daybreak, with a nod to Frost. He’s had recent publications in Chiron Review, Orange Room Review  The Centrifugal Eye, and many others. He edits Pig in a Poke magazine. Find out more at Oh, and another chapbook, Retreating Aggressively into the Dark, will appear on Big Table Press within the next month.

Howie Good is the author of the full-length poetry collections Lovesick (Press Americana, 2009), Heart With a Dirty Windshield (BeWrite Books, 2010), and Everything Reminds Me of Me (Desperanto, 2011), as well as 22 print and digital poetry chapbooks.

Laura Hardy keeps a blunt hammer under her mattress in fear of midnight prowlers. 

Laura LeHew loves zombie movies, Dexter, and Anne Carson [in a purely platonic-poetic way] she is hoping for a non-CGI comeback of Werewolves; she has one husband [whom she met at a science fiction convention], eight cats [Nikita (la Femme), Tessa, Mr. Socks, Baby, Dorian (yes he is grey), and the Army of Darkness (Raven, Shadow and Smoke)]; she never sleeps. She is also the Editor of

Maggie Armstrong has been a Siamese twin, a murderer, a cuckold, and a loaf of bread. She has been all of these things and none of these things. She is a liar. She is a zombie. She is uncomfortable with the concept of tuna fish from a can. She cannot tell time or blow up a balloon. She does not want to go to bed. Ever. She wants to sleep forever. She is you and you are she. 

Melanie Browne likes to eat crispy creme donuts while watching the third class steerage dance scene from the movie Titanic over and over again. She also has an online literary journal that you should check out:

Michael Grover is a poet, originally from Florida, who has lived in L.A. and Philadelphia. He now lives in Toledo, Ohio in a notoriously haunted building where he writes, publishes, and prints chapbooks. Michael is the head poetry editor at

Ron Koppelberger is new to the field of art but began drawing about 12 years ago. He has over seven hundred pieces of art now. He loves to create and nothing thrills him more than seeing his work in print. He has published 48 pieces at several magazines and web sites. He has published in Dark Gothic Resurrected, Blood Moon Rising, Fan Art Central, Death Head Grin, O Sweet Flowery Roses, Seinundwerden, The Poet’s Haven ,The Stray Branch and Ghost Kangaroo. Ron says, “The creative process is a thrill for me as is influencing the viewer in a positive way, in a thought provoking way. One of my primary goals involves touching the viewer and giving them a gift, the gift of a long forgotten memory or perhaps a special insight that may not have been apparent.” If you’d like to view some of his artwork he has it posted on Facebook. Just type in

Taylor Graham is a volunteer search-and-rescue dog handler in El Dorado County, CA. Her poems have appeared in The Iowa Review, New York Quarterly, Poetry International, Southern Humanities Review and elsewhere.

William Doreski's work has appeared in various e and print journals and in several collections, most recently Waiting for the Angel (Pygmy Forest Press, 2009).