by Lauren D.M. Smith


Yellow eyes,

Slit pupils,

Stare out from the darkness


Leaves that rustle,

Shadows twitch,

No winds blow through the night



Clouds move past,

The sliver moon appears


A bright line

In dark sky,

The reverse of those eyes


Tail swishes slowly,

The eyes stare,

The cat watches you move


Another cat,

And another

Come to sit, staring at you


Glowing eyes,

Stepping back,

The cats follow you


Turning back,

You move away,

Only to find more cats


Up in the skeleton

Trees, and on

The roofs of the abandoned houses


The cats gaze

Down at you,

Silhouetted against the night.


Bushes rustle,

Cats there too.

On the path, claws gouging the earth.

Shining bright,

Against the dark,

A curved menace, hidden by fur.



Yellow eyes

Staring straight into you


No escape,


They slink slowly forward…