Come here sweetie

by Tess Pfeifle

Come here sweetie, let me caresses you through your dress.
Why do you suppress your want for me?
Why won't you come on over to me?
Your skin so white and pale.
Why are you so cold my dear, why do your eyes seem so far?

Come here sweetie, let me feel your smooth shoulders.
Let me feel the stitches that make you up.
Let me do what I need to do.
You do not make a sound, but you submit so easily.
You get farther every day.

Come here sweetie, are you still resisting  me?
I've had you for two weeks now.
I think you've over stayed your welcome.
You've begun to wither and continue to ignore my advances.
You let me caress you.
But you never touch me back.

Come here sweetie, it's time to put you back where you belong.
I took you back at night, so no one would have to see.
Your walk of shame, you can remain in ambiguity.
I'm sure it's what your family would want.
As I shoveled the same dirt I uplifted two weeks ago.
I think of all the times we shared.
How waking up to you every morning, was what I had always wanted.
Always needed.
And I as I put you back in your coffin.
I kissed you goodnight for the last time.
And I could have sworn.
A tear fell from your eye.