Unholy Night

by Margaret Mary

My Father,
burned for 200 days, in the Carolinas with his
needle scars and pedophilic psycho angels
“Star Spangled Banner Save Me”
America - Go fuck yourself with your sadistic statistics
You made me a martyr for illusory Freedom,
Oh Holy Father,
that night you ripped the door handle off
and drove me over broken tarred roads to watch it sail
Into the Land Fill Promised Land.
heroin infected, you smashed my bedroom door
to beg for forgiveness, a patriotic rubber band tied round your bloody arm
and I forgave your sins, Again - your hands burning against
my legs, your blood - pale pink chemical smears that wouldn’t
Leave, soaking through my pants
Freedom, I looked for you beneath the cigarette burned sheets that
I buried beneath the house

Holy America, I lied for you