note from editor:

George Adamski's photo of Venusian spacecraft taken in California (1952), later deemed a hoax.

This is the first issue of Phantom Kangaroo in 2012, so it’s only appropriate that it would land on Friday the 13th. This is also the first issue of PK since the publication schedule was changed to four times a year. Forthcoming issues of Phantom Kangaroo will be published on April 13, July 13 and Oct. 13. 

If you’re wondering what the elusive kangaroo will be doing with his offtime — I have no idea, but I have theories. One being that the kangaroo is really an alien, but not just any kind of alien — a time traveling alien that likes to visit other dimensions. He’s probably a hoarder too. I think he goes on these extended trips to other realities just to shop their flea markets. The guy is determined to collect curios from every planet, century and universe. He spends all his money on things like Chinese dragon candle holders and snowglobes of Atlantis that he still rides around in his 1950s spacecraft. His vintage UFO is so crowded with junk that he can’t even host proper parties. I’m thinking about holding an intervention. 

More information about the date, time and location to come, but for now, I hope you enjoy the 14th issue of PK. 


Claudia Lamar, January 2012