How to Manipulate People: A Legal Slave

          Beloved be warned.
          Find someone that doesn't’ have any friends, a good family, and few belongings. Watch them from afar. Wait for him to go through a crisis. The very young and the very old are great candidates.
You have found someone you can control. This person won't leave you—you will make sure of that! This person will be yours. Hide fear. Approach him. Be confident, authoritative, but kind. Make him run to you. Have him believe he needs you. Guide him; always be with him. Explain everything by your wise standard. Wait for him to make a mistake.
           He broke one of your rules of life. He defiled your authority. Do not be scared. This is only the first time. Explain why he was so bad. Tell him how you told him not to stray from your teaching. Make him feel absolutely terrible, but do not punish yet. Right now you are establishing your wisdom.
           Watch him, watch him closer. He knows he broke the trust. Give him more instructions, more rules. Award his behavior. Show how beautiful life is when you are obeyed, but bring up his mistake often. Do not let him forget.
           He messed up again. Now you are in danger of him rebelling. Now he must be punished. Show the consequence. It is your decision in how you punish: mental or physical. Make him deeply sorry. Pretend you may throw him out even though he needs you. Watch him beg, plea, cry. Forgive him now. Exaggerate the mercy you have for the dirty little rule breaker. He knows only you could love him. Watch him make promises. Make him grateful for your forgiveness.
           Be kind again, but punish for now on. Make up again. He won't ever leave.


Molly Hamilton is a writer who is inspired by myths and legends. She enjoys writing stories that allow readers to discover new creatures and new explanations. Her goal, as a writer, is to entertain all who are bored and cheer all who are lonely with her writing. When Molly is not hanging out with her story characters, she is usually with her family or attending college.