Night Breaks

my fingers lose feeling

as I stare at the white

glow and wish I were



wish I could write to you

in night, in dark ink

on a napkin smudged

with lipstick


play out a future

of Hollywood and pipe dream

or nightmare

pipe bomb

accidental pregnancy

black eye, broken heart

listening to you piss

in the bathroom

curse your name


it’s best

you hitchhike south

I drive north

fall in love

with the slow drawl

of your words

never curse you

hate the day

you came bloodied into

the world




but I am not Bukowski

and I’d rather know

for sure

the no in my throat

then guess

be suspended in maybe


I dream in black and white

lately, and reflections appear

where they do not belong

but I saw color in you

that daunting cold blue

dark and bright at once

the need to hold it

again, shake it loose

anaconda myself around you

or you around me


we’ll take all the books

to bed with us


grow limbs made of paper

strike a match

and burn burn burn


until night breaks

and falls from the sky.





Molly Kat is currently living in an intentional community in the mountains of North Carolina.  She likes to grow her own food, challenge her mind, dissect words, and propagate madness.  She is obsessed with the idea of viewing collapse in a deconstructed way so that its positive potential can be realized and implemented.  Molly gives really great hugs and likes to spend her time working with children.  She has been published in print and online, and writes for the popular blog