note from editor

"Li'l Red Riding Hood" by Becca Thorne 

After a year-long hiatus, Phantom Kangaroo has resurrected for issue no. 18. The time away felt like a loud void, my universe flattened and I began to want it back the way fireworks stretch and wail for the stars. 

Featured in this issue are all the makings of an interstellar mystery — that is alien landings, some crushing fear, a dead spouse, a kidnapped girl and a Mojave ghost story. 

In the future, we will have Google Hangout readings of our issues. You can view them or potentially participate in them, by following Phantom Kangaroo's Google + —


— Claudia Lamar, January 2014


" … until the dirty teeth of night 

pierce my thoughts

and devour them

like tiny rabbits

spit out the soft fur

these few lines

and the crystal stars

of your eyes"

— "into the storm," Jean Brasseur 




Artist Bio: Becca Thorne is currently based in Leicester, UK, where she works from home in her spare room studio, creating hand printed pieces in linocut, screenprint and wood engraving. The above linocut was inspired by "Red Within" by Steve Taose.