Jack and ?

We both made bad choices,

 everything was wrong right from the start.

Going up the hill hand in hand,

 that should never have happened.

I should have carried the pail,

 you should have stayed at the bottom.

Why we needed the darn water,

 it’s still a big mystery to me.

Perhaps we were an ill-fated pair,

 destined to come tumbling down hard.

But that’s all water under the bridge,

 or more accurately water spilled on the ground.

They say I will be laid up for awhile,

 a CT Scan found a subarachnoid hemorrhage in my brain.

Hope you are doing well too,

 sorry but I don’t remember your first name.




Paul m. Strohm is a freelance journalist working in Houston, Texas. He cataloged the unpublished correspondence of D.H. Lawrence while working at the Humanities Research Center at UT-Austin.  Even the famous begin letters with ‘Dear ******, I am fine. How are you?” His most recent collection of poems was published by the Wellhead Press in 2013.