Regarding the Serial Killers in Boston

Yah there was lots of screaming.
But there’s always screaming right?
I mean how can you tell you know?
How can you really tell the difference?
Between screaming and laughter?
There were lots of kids in the apartments.
You could hear them coming home.
Waiting in the morning for the bus.
Maybe it was the kids who really knows.
One time I saw a guy in my window.
He was more like a kid but an old kid.
He was hauling some big black bag.
Not dragging it or anything just hauling.
Like it was too big to be neatly carried.
I only saw it because I was doing squats.
I like to stare out the window when I’m squatting.
Just shirtless with gym short-shorts on.
Weird I know but no one can really see.
I mean what was in that bag though?
Why didn’t he let it drag on the ground?
Like what would it have sounded like?



Kalen Rowe lives sixteen stories underground in the undiscovered cave where human life first began. He uses seismic hammers the size of minivans to transmit gnosis vibrations to the surface. Every ten years he preaches the gospel into a telescope, that humans evolved from a special cave snake called the lux and sprouted limbs. After he dies, the Kalen that exists in other universes will continue to exist, and psychic people in this universe will be able to call upon his spirit.