bright, with the glory of all (to be read at my funeral)

and, of all my broken parts:

the bruised and worn, 
the reddened,
the sagging, 
and the almost-falling-off,

i will regret not a one;

i have worn them proudly, 
like medals of honor,

and even hidden
underneath socks and sweaters
they have shined, bright,

with the glory of all.

(…that i have stepped on,
that i have crashed into,

been burned by,
bitten, sickened, stuck,

and the few reminders
that i have left myself…)

there is a glowing
that i would not trade
for a second chance.

i will take it with me.

and, i am taking all of it.



Andrew Chmielowiec lives in Seattle, Washington, and most certainly does believe in ghosts. he has self-published a chapbook by the name of "sir baden powell patrol award winners, 2003-04," and has a modest amount of short poems featured in small publications. his current writing can be found at