It’s Like You Were Never Even Here

There is an effect that sets in when a person leaves this place of white and attempted sterility. The microscopes will long for your eyes.
Myself and those before you called it the effect of, “it’s like you were never even here.” After a week setting off from the halls of red pathological waste boxes, dry ice and senselessness we will forget you were ever here to begin with. We’ll only recall a name and some attributes, not the good ones. The scalpels could never slice those away.
Yourself, you may think back to that cramped office with Ryan each time you smell cigarette smoke and see an energy drink. Energy better spent in the present. Let your mind be iodine-swabbed to a sterile yellow.



Mike Salgado is a poet and Training Senior Specialist with Eurofins Lancaster Labs. He is also a poetry and art editor for Marathon Literary Review. You can find more of Mike’s work in Third Point Press, Lehigh Valley Vanguard, and G3: Genes, Genomes, Genomics. He has poetry forthcoming in The Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature by tNY.Press.  Mike currently resides in Lancaster, PA where he is active in the growing literary community. Find him online at Michael Salgado Poetry & Further.