The Convict

A nineteen-year-old girl
tied to a cemetery tree. Look up
he says, and she does it: dark morning

clouds adrift, scrawling across
the sky their illegible script.

Wind slips like a razorblade
over the strop
twisting branches. Rainwater

gurgles into the ground.
The ligatures tighten.
I’ve been here my entire life

looking up, losing feeling
feeling bound
to the body and its habits,

to the earth and its laws
to its laws and its




Cameron Morse taught and studied in China. He is currently an MFA candidate at UMKC and lives with his wife, Lili, in Blue Springs, Missouri. His work has been or will be published in I-70 Review, TYPO, Otis Nebula, Sleet, Steam Ticket, Referential Magazine, Rufous City Review, Small Print MagazineTwo Hawks QuarterlyFirst Class Literary Magazine, Phantom Kangaroo, Cha and District Lit.