Ghosts Don't Bleed, Period.

by Levi Gribbon

She walked up to me and said, “It smells like there is a dead animal in my kitchen.”
“Ugh,” I responded, “is there?”
She replied, “I hope not. God, I hope not. So far, there is no sign of one.”
“You can never be too sure. There might be something living in your room… under your bed, behind your clothes, under your desk, in the vent, in the closet, under the couch… behind the fridge… in some drawer.”
“Aaaaah,” she shrieked, “stop it’s too much too think about!”
I continued ignoring her, “behind the toilet… I always check a toilet before using it. You never know when something is just going to come up and getcha!”
She quickly changed the subject, “we have a huge red ring in the toilet water now. It’s gross.”
“From… from… vaginas?”
“NOOOOO!” she yelled, “I have no idea.”
“Then… from what?”
“Honestly, I’m thinking the ghost has something to do with this. Ghost vagina?”
“Ghost vag, most def.”