The blue whale phenomenon

by Steve Castro


The blue whale that fell from the sky,
Shattered through steel, concrete and
Disappeared into a sea of chaos and destruction.
The helicopter’s cable snapped - the ensuing
Explosion was a firework display of technological
Failure colliding with a mountain - if the pilot had
Lived, the whole world would have called him
“The human impossibility.” I would have called him
Jonah - If I lived in Alaska, I would be rich because
I would open the first blue whale and grits restaurant.
I would sell a liter of vodka in a blue plastic bucket and
Throw a shard of a blue whale’s tooth inside it and call my drink
“The one of a kind special.” I would sell blue whale ribs,
Blue whale cheese burgers and blue whale steaks with
Eskimo pies served by cute Eskimo girls in bikinis - I would sell
Coca cola with coca leaf straws. I would also sell
French fries made by a real French chef who I would
Convince to move to Alaska for six months out of the year
In exchange for as many blue whale tongues as
He can sell to the Parisian bourgeois - Of course all the
Blue whale meat would be brought to me by
Massive trucks - Helicopters and their faulty cables
Would be banned from my establishment within a
Two mile radius - unless of course “the human impossibility”
Was seen walking up my restaurant’s massive ivory steps