The Worm

by Jim Bronyaur

It starts from within
the darkest thoughts
reality never felt so good

The space of time
not endless
the chime is the heartbeat 
hours come and go like breaths

It moves
It twists
It shifts

A calling from feet away
miles, maybe years

You hear a rattling
a wet noise 
thinner than blood
but deadly

Not at once
but within time
never an ever lasting moment
time eats it
can you feel it?
spinning in motionless heaven
pushing where it shouldn’t
a bulging you see 

The world feels
the pressure 
time holds like a vice

A moonlit walk
only reveals
how lonely we all are
how consumed we can become
how the worm can turn its head and bite
what does it look like to you
do you know its there
eating you
becoming you
taking all your time
all our time

Embrace not erase
the picture yells
give more than take
in your mind
there is no blessing here
just the worm

Push.  Nibble.  Turn.  Bite.