Cyan Graveyard

by Scryer Veratos

Cajun spice arises the fallen
The obsidian casted solstice is upon us.

"yes we are Indigo, we are Glitter Fog London,
basking in the uranium caskets that held us."

Bombs leave amaretto salts that evaporate skin.
Hope is put into the entrancical dance between natives.

"so sumerian smiles will alude us, the azure anunaki as gold cats
find our tombs, they cry. We should not be revived."

Majesties ill usions render the messiah's power useless.
Unless mephtaphysical rare knowledge becomes
a unified vision.

"And grey pellucid tears move synnically down my Icarus cheeks.
I flew too fervently, and your verbosity didnt quite match your malcontent."

The ultimatum,
magenta and cyan must converge atop the promised lands
highest point.
Deceased synergy must be used.

"We are the platinum eyesight, 
the vicariuos splitting maul 
and you will never unknow us."