The End, Twenty Ten

by Tannen Dell 

“I couldn’t help but want to die when I started living; the Irony of all good things.”

In the beginning, I did not know this girl. We dated in a dusty corner mansion with a scene broken movie as she talked not to me, but a parallel, through some shining veil of existence and as I walked the path of doomed concrete and mist grass, a dog of fog trotted up into a pencil outline and then sky fur apparition. 

After I saved the fourth twin little girl with bone skin and tombstone hair, the human form of Cerberus’ mother greeted me with open fangs.

-A shower at 4:00 AM later…-

In the beginning I did not know this girl until the computer screen told me she died in a nightclub. I doubted the coincidence and my girlfriend who had not been to that dream, or to that house.

I was in a camera as it snapped in half and should’ve woken up, but in the end the girl was wrapped in pinion feathers and a cross. 

I will live and
The haunting house 
Will remain forever unspoken.

“In the beginning Shadow created the Heavens and the Earth.”