Phantom Kangaroo accepts poetry submissions on a rolling basis. 

Phantom Kangaroo is published on the 13th, every 3 months (February, May, August, November) and features 13 poems by 13 poets.

We accept poems in any form, of any subject, or of any length, but favor is given to poetry in the shape of ghost sightings, horoscopes, obituaries (preferably yours), fortune cookie fortunes, tales of UFO abductions, and home-made love spells (preferably ones that work). 

Email 1-3 of your most cryptic and haunted poems (pasted and attached), a 3rd person bio, and a scandalous confession (optional) to Response time will be somewhere between 1-30 days. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Previously published poems not preferred unless they are creepy and cited, (personal blogs okay). 

Editor's note: Unfortunately, unless you send me a money spell that works, there is no payment for being published on this site. All I can offer you is my undying friendship, which may or may not include a FREE tarot reading, or a secret love letter, but most likely, just a drunk dial.

Author's rights: It's your work. You own it. I don't care where it comes from. I just want to publish it here — a gathering of literary oddities. Maybe, someday I might choose to reprint your poem in some sort of small, handmade and inkjet printer-printed anthology, and then sell it for five bucks. But in that case, if purchased, the proceeds go directly back into Phantom Kangaroo, so that it never again disappears off the interspaceweb. In an alternate timeline, that has already happened, but in all timelines, your work remains your work.