The Double

I am convinced I have a double

Out there, in the blizzards of darkness,

The blossoming nights of May.

A more romantic twin

Courting the stars on their millennial journeys,

Robbing the gardens

Of their fairest rose.


And he is touched by a sweetness

I have only dreamed exists,

And he knows a sorrow

From deep, deep down.


He carries a hundred different crosses

On his muscular back.

He writes poems bird-like and pure.


And when I see in the mirror

My half-witted, bearded face

I understand I am the other one.

The angry attic-ridden brother

Eating sawdust in dimmed-down corners,

Monstrous and alone.






Seth Jani is the founder/editor of Seven CirclePress and a few other minor publications. He is obsessed with Coffee, Depth Psychology, Environmental Restoration and Rilke. His work has appeared in Writers' Bloc, The Foundling Review, Chantarelle's Notebook, Thick With Conviction and else.