Subject: Flying Saucers, Information Concerning

"Circular in shape with raised centers
Approximately 50 feet in diameter"

Like lightning drawn to lightning rod
Errant in their tribal, Platonic descent
"It is believed the radar interferes
With the controlling mechanism [sic]"

A trinity of craft, of corpse, thrice
Found in desert Roswell’s isotopic sand
"Each one was occupied by three bodies
of human shape but only 3 feet tall"

Some ragged virtue flickers on the
torn edge of an antique sci-fi film,
"Dressed in metallic cloth
Of a very fine texture"

Nuclear Alamogordo, Oak Ridge to Los Alamos;
Now Roswell: center of the conspiracy
"That three so-called flying saucers
Had been recovered in New Mexico"

Home of 25,000 Anasazi sites:
Ancient civilization, atomic detonation, and then
"DATE: MARCH 22, 1950

Released, finally, by the FBI—
You want to believe? Well Mulder,
this shit is real.

Adapted from a 1950 memo made public by the FBI last year. It can be found at

Emory Bell studies Creative Writing and Physics at Emory University. He watches too much scifi and cannot keep a clean desk.