Deep Space

I’ve been abducting all the good attractive poets
So we can expat to a basement in Siberia
And freeze together. This is the only thought that ends
My loneliness. What do you do when your friends
Don’t even know you? Type “kalen rowe”
Into Google. Not much comes up. You guess
I don’t exist. There is little to no freedom in not existing.
First of all, you can’t get any good spaceships.
You have to take the refurbished ones into orbit.
And when the autopilot ejects in the escape pod,
You have to float through Saturn’s ring all by yourself.
Picture it subtle. I can’t. Not for this long. Soon it will
Unsettle. Soon you turn into something else. Soon.
A glimmer in the internet. Don’t make me think—
A cloud vacationing before the rain. Just sit there.
You can enjoy this crowded place while it lasts.

Kalen Rowe is a kid in Houston, Texas. He has lived in Idaho, Montana, California, and Colorado. He has been published by Gargoyle Magazine, The Aletheia, and few times by Glass Mountain. In 2013, he helped found and now assists with Anklebiters Publishing, which prints Poets Anonymous and Mimic Magazine.