Error, (I have been disconnected)

I’ve been using the internet, lately.
Googling feelings, specifically,
is it normal to cry in every airport.
I want help, are you like me? Connect
me, but not too much. I don’t want to know
how you’re afraid of dying, how everyone is,
like how my father’s father died, like how I’ve never known
because I’ve never asked.
Professional tells me, “You could benefit
from something new.” We could all
benefit from something new. 
Hey, Google, I’m growing out of the people I loved.
In my neighborhood we talk, drink
breathe the same. See, best friend, I’m ice cubing
out of our previous existence, 
Tell me about your carpets,
your coffee preference, your SATs, only don’t cry,
all I’ve ever learned is that we’re closer
when we’re strangers.    Google, save me
a bite to eat— I won’t make it
home for dinner tonight. 



Khadija Hussain is currently a junior at an arts high school, where she studies poetry closely under the guidance of poet Bruce Cohen. She has been published in Bard College's Yolk Magazine, and Sunken Garden Poetry's online magazine, Theodate. She has also been awarded prizes on a national level by the Scholastic Art and Writing recognition program.