note from editor:

"I love your magazine because when I read it...I was feeling so down that day, like I don't belong in the world and where does a mind like mine ever fit in?????!" - Phantom Kangaroo reader. 

"believe" by jennifer tomaloff

Confession: I was called "the weird girl" growing up, and I never understood why. Why I could feel so normal and be seen as so not normal. I just figured: We're put on this planet for a reason, so why not try to find out why and explore all the possibilities. Why not ask as many questions as we can think of? I want to know what it feels like to be a black hole, or a loch ness monster. I want to learn how to summon a triceratops. To find the ancestor line from a blue whale to an evening star. To fall in love every day. And so many other things I will never stop wanting, and the only thing I can think of never wanting has always been to be normal. Mostly because I don't think it exists anyway. Just some conspiracy theory, if you ask me.

Some weird things in this issue: A poem about Sylvia Plath, (who was definitely not normal), A poem that includes the words: ghost vag, and the secret ancestor line from a blue whale to an evening star


Claudia Lamar, June 2011