note from editor:

"saw the phantom kangaroo thing when i was a kid. moved faster than my eyes could follow, stopped directly in front of me in the middle of a field then zipped off in a /blur, but was obviously something paranormal likes to cloak itself as a kangaroo. try telling this shit to people they think ur crazy. well ive told ya what i saw take it as you will." - anonymous post on 4chan

"a tempest" by ron koppelberger

Witnessing something paranormal and finding a new favorite poem are one in the same. Often times it can't be translated, or no one believes me, so I just sit and brew with wonderment. For a moment, I'll be enlightened to some secret of the universe and all the cells in my body will align with planets and stars, and I will understand myself wholly and completely, as a human being and as other things I could be. And then it fades. And I continue to be bits of neurosis, of habits, of fears, and all I felt for that short time no longer influences my choices. 

I was tired of this happening, so I wanted to gather poems of paranormal qualities all in one place, for proof that these things exist. Hopefully it will awaken something in you, and you will believe that you are meant to be in this moment, reading these poems, and it'll confirm your existence, and when you tell someone that you caught a glimpse of your purpose, hopefully, they'll believe you. 

Claudia Lamar 

November 2010