Texas Lovers: Sarah and Jenny

They mention traveling to Paris, Texas and becoming artists. Their singing isn’t great and they can’t paint at all but their sculptures are to-scale duplications of WWII battlefields, constructed with painstaking attention to detail. Perfect imitations of tiny deaths. The only inaccuracies, it would seem, come from the repeated use of UFOs and mythological creatures. Most scholars agree that extraterrestrials had little influence over the Fuhrer’s master plan, but Sarah and Jenny refuse to remove reptilian features from the soldiers of the SS. They only wish that someone had told them that verisimilitude was so important in representations of the past.



Jeston Dulin is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University's M.A. English program, and currently teaches composition there. His flash fiction piece, "Prodigal Son" is forthcoming in the May 2014 issue of "Apocrypha and Abstractions." Jeston’s writing revolves around themes of nostalgia and a questioning of reality.