The Last Monarch Butterfly


everyone knows the story

of the last man on earth


him sitting in his room

the knock on the door


I heard a version once:

knock comes right after


the poor bastard opens his

mouth and downs a few


capsules of cyanide and dies

like an infant wish he was here


might have known what to do

now that the flowers are gone


we go like this: bees first

crops next then the rest of the


unfortunate damned I’m

not sure where the last man is


probably been dead for a while

probably never knew what he did


probably never been called king


Ellyn Touchette is a half-crazed biologist from Portland, Maine. She is on the board of directors for Port Veritas, a local poetry reading and nonprofit. Her work is present or forthcoming in The Emerson Review, Ghost House Review, The Open Field, and others. Ellyn plays roller derby, knows what an electrolyte is, and doesn't want to talk about her age.